Vascular dementia

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Simplified definition

A disease that occurs when the blood vessels in the brain are deprived of oxygen, thus preventing blood from reaching certain areas and causing brain cells to die.

Source: Houria Aiouaz, for Alzheimer Foundation

Referenced definition

“Vascular dementia is a clinical pathological condition in which cerebral lesions of vascular origin lead to diverse cognitive symptoms.”

Source: Munoz DG, Weishaupt N. Vascular dementia. In: Cechetto DF, Weishaupt N, editors. Title: The Cerebral Cortex in Neurodegenerative and Neuropsychiatric Disorders. American Press; 2016. p. 119-139.


Vascular dementia is the second most common dementia diagnosis, after Alzheimer’s disease, and can occur alone or alongside another form of dementia.”

Source : What is vascular dementia. [Internet]. [cited on May 12, 2023].


  • Vascular dementia often occurs after an important stroke or multiple small strokes.
  • While AD affects the brain gradually, the symptoms of vascular dementia tend to appear suddenly and can vary depending on the area of the brain affected.
  • Some examples of symptoms: thinking, concentration, or decision-making difficulties, personality changes, or depression.



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