Mental confusion

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Simplified definition

A condition that causes incoherence of thought, loss of orientation and physical changes.

Source: Houria Aiouaz, for Alzheimer Foundation

Referenced definition

“A disruption of awareness marked by amazement, a lack of cognitive or behavioral clarity, and confusion for place, individual, and time.”

Source: Psychology Dictionary. Confusion. [Internet]. [cited on Sept 7, 2022].


“A person with mental confusion will think and act very differently from normal. The condition can be difficult and stressful for the person affected as well as their loved ones.”

Source: ASCO. Mental Confusion or Delirium. [Internet]. March 2020 [cited on Sept 7, 2022]. 


  • Mental confusion involves several symptoms such as disorientation, hallucination, and poor concentration.


Delirium / Acute confusional state

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