Clinical research

Simplified definition

Scientific study that often includes healthy volunteers or patients, and that is conducted to learn more about a particular disease or condition, to test how well a treatment works, and to find new methods to diagnose a disease.

Source: Houria Aiouaz, for Alzheimer Foundation

Referenced definition

“Clinical research refers to the scientific studies performed on human subjects with a view to furthering biological or medical knowledge.”

Source: Inserm. Clinical Research. [Internet]. Jul 2, 2021 [cited on Sept 7, 2022].


“When people think of clinical research for Alzheimer’s and related dementias, they may think that only people with dementia can participate. But that’s not true! To produce meaningful results, Alzheimer’s and related dementias researchers need a variety of volunteers.”

Source: Find Clinical Trials. [Internet]. [cited on Sept 7, 2022]. 



  • There are several types of clinical studies: Studies carried out to test new treatments (clinical trials), those carried out to test new approaches to disease prevention, and those conducted to improve disease diagnosis, which is the case for Alzheimer’s.


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