Occupational therapist

Simplified definition

A health professional who helps a person who has difficulties in performing daily tasks be independent by adapting, for example, their environment.

Source: Houria Aiouaz, for Alzheimer Foundation

Referenced definition

“An occupational therapist is a health professional trained to assess and implement rehabilitation to help optimize functional activities for patients with disabling injuries.”

Source: Spine-Health. Occupational Therapist Definition. [Internet]. [cited on Sept 7, 2022]. 



“Most occupational therapists work in hospitals or occupational therapy practices while others work in schools, physicians’ offices, home health services and nursing homes.”

Source: ExploreHealthCareers.org. Occupational therapist. [Internet]. [cited on Sept 7, 2022]. 


  • For example, an occupational therapist helps people with AD perform hygiene-related tasks, manage their leisure activities, or design their living spaces to avoid obstacles and ensure their safety.



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