Genetic counseling

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Simplified definition

A type of consultation that aims to help a patient and their family understand a genetic, hereditary disease, determine its origin, and provide medical and psychological support.

Source: Houria Aiouaz, for Alzheimer Foundation

Referenced definition

“Genetic counseling refers to guidance relating to genetic disorders that a specialized healthcare professional (genetic counselor) provides to an individual or family. A genetic counselor might provide information about how a genetic condition could affect an individual or family and/or interpret genetic tests designed to help estimate the risk of a disease.”
Source: National Human Genome Research Institute. Genetic counseling. [Internet]. 2023 [cited on May 12, 2023]. 


“You may want genetic counseling if health conditions run in your family or if prenatal tests show your baby may be at risk for health conditions.”

Source: March of Dimes. Genetic counseling. [Internet]. [cited on May 12, 2023]. 

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