Cerebral glucose hypometabolism

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Simplified definition

A decrease in glucose (sugar) consumption by the cells that is visible during an imaging examination called PET Scan. In this case, neurons can no longer use glucose efficiently as a source of fuel.

Source: Houria Aiouaz, for Alzheimer Foundation

Referenced definition

“Cerebral glucose hypometabolism (CGHM) is characterized by diffuse or focal reduction in uptake of glucose by the brain as determined on a FDG PET-CT.”

Source: Kase AM, Bullock C, Parrondo R, Alhaj Moustafa M, Iqbal M, Li KD, Parent EE, Tun H. Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Lymphoma-Associated Cerebral Glucose Hypometabolism Can Be Reversed by Intensive Glucose Supplementation. Blood and Lymphatic Cancer. 2022;12:17–21.



Hypometabolism caused by decreased glucose uptake is observed in specific areas of the AD-affected brain [the posterior cingulate, precuneus and temporo-parietal cortex]. Therefore, glucose hypometabolism […] in these regions is considered as a hallmark [sic] of AD.”

Source: Szablewski L. Brain Glucose Transporters: Role in Pathogenesis and Potential Targets for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2021 Jul 29;22(15):8142.



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