I take action against Alzheimer's

A public health issue

Alzheimer’s disease ranks 2nd as the most frightening diseases for the French population. It affects the brain by gradually destroying neurons, causing the loss of memory and reasoning, as well as impairing behaviour . In the long term, affected individuals (some 1,200,000 people in France) lose their autonomy completely.

  • 50% of French people know at least one member of their family/from their close network who is  affected.
  • 50% of French people declare that they are not well informed about the disease. 

The Alzheimer Foundation is unique with its strong philanthropic values of positive vision, solidarity, excellence, and integrity.

Our legitimacy: We are the #1 private funder of Alzheimer’s disease and its related diseases research in France, over the last 10 years.

Our strength: We partner public organisations and private leading healthcare companies.

Our vocation: We invest 100% of our donations to researchers (management costs are entirely covered by our own funds).


Our top 3 objectives:

  • To  garner all national stakeholders towards fighting the disease.
  • To support French research, from basic science to clinical trials.
  • To inform the general public through an outreach and educational programme.


/ Our actions

Thanks to donors, public and private partners, the Alzheimer Foundation is able to continue providing a future for our memories.

Funding innovative projects

  • By launching calls related to novel hypothesis
  • By lauching calls for senior team leaders and allowing funding for up to 5 years


Promoting outstanding young investigators

  • By awarding the Joel Ménard award to clinicians and/or researchers under the age of 40
  • By launching the 3-year Young Researcher Programme
  • By joining forces with the Global Brain Health Institute to support the Altantic Fellow Programme


Facilitating innovation in high-performance research tools

The Foundation promotes the sharing of high-quality tools through the funding of:

  • Scientific and technical core facilities.
  • Technological and digital tools open to the community. 


Initiating and promoting collaborative efforts and transfer to humans

The Foundation is at the heart of an international community thanks to:

  • Its extensive network of experts and specialists from European and international organisations.
  • The development of scientific and medical exchange days.
  • Its investment in training programmes. 


Offering the general public the resources to fight and prevent the disease

  • We encourage access to scientific information and news through our website (https://www.fondation-alzheimer.org/) and through our social networks.
  • We participate actively in various prevention campaigns (e.g. World Alzheimer’s Day on 21 September)
  • We initiate field campaigns to raise awareness on risk factors and preventive measures for all.


/ 10 years of results 

The Foundation is proud of its long-term commitment to Alzheimer’s disease research. With more than 110 projects funded in 10 years, the Foundation ranks first among French funding organisations in the industry.

Thanks to the Alzheimer Foundation, major scientific and medical advances have been facilitated. The Foundation supported the following projects:

  • Neuroimaging “coalition” with 21 associated teams across the country.
  • Specialised training of more than 150 medical students.

Mechanisms of formation and degradation of amyloid and Tau proteins.

  • Identification of new genes and the importance of environmental factors on disease development.
  • Digital tools for memory.


These findings published in international journals have, for some, resulted in patents. We are also proud to have actively promoted the creation or sustainability of employment for promising young researchers.


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